Of all dogs, they have been through the most lonely winters and hot summers on the concrete floor … they’ve survived everything, lot of bad days and a bit of joy, too.They kept order in the shelter, they were Mom and Dad, the Bosses, the King and the Queen. They taught the young, they took care of the sick. They have met dozens of people who had passed the shelter and said goodbye to hundreds of their friends who left the shelter. We watched them grow old, watch all the wisdom of the world gathered in their eyes, endless love, the power of the giants and wondered how it is possible that no one else can see it. We were afraid their day would never come, and worried for their old bones on cold concrete. Finally, someone looked at them like we do, and realized that these dogs are gifts. Someone wanted to give them their hearts and take them to their little paradise.
That 30.05.2017. we will never forget … it will be remembered as a special date when the tears of joy will be coming down the face. It is difficult to describe feelings while we were preparing for that day, and impressions that are still in our minds. We don’t know how they feel and what they think, but it seems they like it a lot! Finally, retirement!
Diki and Cura are adopted. Together. In heaven. In the most beautiful place in the world. With best people in the world. Where they will have their pack, their bed, their meadow and their sea. In the home where they will stay near the shelter and us. In the home from which they can visit us, reward us with a smile and return home, lay on soft bed and fall asleep by the fireplace. Never again in box, never again on the cold floor. They will swim, sleep, eat, play and run as much as they want. They will enjoy in their well deserved retirement. And we are lucky that we can look all that from close, enjoy in their company and be the happiest in the world.
Diki and Cura, thank you for everything you taught us, thank you for making Snoopy a place of love, thank you for leading us with so much love. Thank you for understanding, guiding, teaching and loving.
Gaby and Josef, there is no bigger gift you could give us. You took our hearts in your hands and melted it with your love. You are part of our souls and our families. We have given you the most dearest we have, and you have accepted them with your whole hearts. Thank you, friends!

Diki and Cura, Gaby and Josef, we want you a lot of beautiful years together. We love you!