The animal protection organization “SNOOPY” is a non-profit organization which was founded at the beginning of 2002., and is active in the city of Pula and the surrounding region. Primary mission of the Organization is to suppress animal violence and abandonment, which presents a serious social problem in the Republic of Croatia. The organization takes care of abandoned, lost and/or hurt animals, and mediates when hosting them in appropriate homes. We also educate people about the appropriate co-existence with animals, and encourage citizens to assemble in order to protect animal rights. The (non) implementation of the Animal Protection Act, in particular those criminal provisions relating to the killing and abuse, is a major obstacle to successful work of all animal protection organizations in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, the organization seeks to register and report illegal actions toward animals, and take all available legal measures to prevent further cases of animal abuse.


Temporary shelter of the “SNOOPY” Organization is situated on the territory of an Austrian-Hungarian fort Pomer, that can be found near the city landfill (Kaštijun). That is a “no-kill” shelter where the animals are not in danger of euthanasia, and can be accommodated there until the adoption. In efforts to fulfilled the criteria set by the “Rules of Shelters”, we constantly work on adapting the space that the Organization has available for its current purpose. Momentarily, there is about seventy abandoned dogs in the shelter. There is a number of volunteers that take care of the animals daily, providing them with food, fresh water and necessary veterinary care. But the activities of the Organization are not limited to residents of the shelter, it also helps the animals in temporary housing. Also, volunteers answer to numerous calls and often leave to field because of the need for urgent interventions.


As stated before, Organization “SNOOPY” has a non-profit character, meaning that the financial funds that allows it to work, are provided entirely through donations of the citizens and through response to public competitions. Our assets are unfortunately being spent very quickly, therefore we are very grateful for every help we can get, no matter how small it may be. Except for the donations on the bank account of the Organization, OTP banka:

IBAN HR7924070001100133928
(for payments from abroad, OTP bank swift is SWIFT/BIC OTPVHR2X.)

We accept help in dog (cat) food, a variety of means against external parasites, old blankets, sheets or items that the animals can use, for example dishes, leashes, etc. Furthermore, our Organization is in desperate need of volunteers so all the supporters and animal lovers are more than welcome to join our work and help us achieve our goals.