AKAI ♂ – born 10/2016

It is very difficult for us to imagine who could ever abandoned such kind and beautiful dog. Akai came to us from Pula city shelter, where he didn’t experience anything nice, and yet it seems that it didn’t leave any consequences on him. This young boy is so positive. Akai simply rejects everything negatively and accepts life whatever it is. Always smiling and cheerful, always ready for cuddling. This beauty will brighten up even the darkest day. He is beautiful on a leash, patient and polite. He meets the other dogs cheerfully and he is instantly ready to play. He always pushes his muzzle through the bars and greets the dogs outside, wagging his tail cheerfully. Akai is a wonderful companion, you can only wish for. He is also friendly with the cats.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and soon castrated. He is 49 cm tall and weighs about 22 kg.