ALISA ♀ – born 06/2016

We will not write much about her past, it is enough to say that Alisa is one of the few dogs who was delighted to come to the shelter. This wonderful girl doesn’t stop jumping around us, giving us kisses, playing with her roommate, and at the same time winning the hearts of all other dogs in the shelter with her cheerful “I love the whole world” nature. Alisa agrees with everyone, she adores people and children, and she can’t get enough playing games with other dogs. She is great on a leash. Alisa is so cheerful, which is why we are looking for a home with active people, with lots of outdoor walkings, because our girl just loves it. She bursts with energy, but after she runs out and plays, she will fall asleep on a pillow like a baby.

Alisa is vaccinated, microchipped, sterilized and ready to bring colors into your life. She has ca 22 kg.