ARONA ♀ – born 05/2019

You know those dogs who have all the gentleness of this world in their eyes. There is pure love in their hearts, they love you unconditionally, from the first touch, from the first sight. Because they don’t know otherwise. That’s our Aarona. She is marvelllous, she is a pure treasure who simply adores all living creatures. She plays with all the dogs gently and is everyone’s best friend from the first moment. She is extremely submissive and kind. You don’t feel her on a leash. And when she is off the leash, she walks by the foot, she doesn’t like to move away from us. If we sit down she will take the opportunity to put her paws or her head on our lap, that’s typical Aarona. That lovely girl is the ideal family dog. Know that she is breathing for the moment when someone will hug her and take her home.

Aarona is vaccinated, chipped and soon sterilized. Weighs about 25 kg.