BALU ♂ – born 2014

Our çuddling boy Balu has come to us after years of life on the chain. A typical Croatian story, until two good people had rescued him and give him a new chance. When he arrived to us, he was very confused. First two days we spent hours bathing him, cutting his sun burned hair and cleaning him from him the grass that left his skin in the wounds.
But our Balu recognize that it was his opportunity and he decided to take it with his furry paws. Our boy quickly became our shadow, accompanying us everywhere, seeking for attention. His main goal is how get to the human hands for cuddling and how to be as close as possible to the people. Young guy is excellent on the leash, he has no problems with other dogs, and he’s always in the mood “I love you all.” Funny muzzle is looking for the “victim” who will cuddle him for the rest of his life.

Balu weight is about 25 kilos, medium size. Soon he will be microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.