BELINA ♀ – born 2010

Belina is the loveliest creature in the world. She has 8 years, wisdom of an grandmother and a condition of a young dog. We never had a dog that is so attached to people. From the first hour, of the first day she came to us. She follows us everywhere, as an attachment. You will never ask where she is, because she will always be around your leg. If you are walking and decide to sit on the bench for a while, Belina will not bother you, she will sit down in front of you, watching you and telling you how much she loves you. It would be ideal for Belina to be the only dog in the family where she would be a little spoiled child.

Belina is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She has 15 kilos. Height: 45 cm. Thank you Maureen Kasper for sponsoring Belina! 🙂