BERRY ♂ – born 2011

It’s a sad destiny of this wonderful boy. Berry was a stray dog in Crete, who knows how long. He was rescued and adopted in 2013 in a family where his owner died a year ago. Recently, the second owner has died and this wounded soul has ended up with us. Berry has a soul as gentle as a flower. No wonder he is a shy and sensitive after a hard life he had. Slowly but surely he gives us confidence and we see what beauty is hiding in this gentle creature. While he is running, he looks elegantly like a greyhound. But most of all, he likes to be in a quiet and hidden place in our living room and there he wants to be invisible. For Berry we search for patient and gentle people who will provide him security, which he needs the most. Our boy is not demanding at all. He goes great on the leash, agrees with all the dogs and totally focused on people.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He has about 20 kg. Thank you Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Berry! 🙂