BOA ♀ – born 2015

We will not write too much about Boa’s past, because we really believe that destiny made her a favour, giving her a new chance for happiness. The beginning of her new story is in Snoopy. She came in very poor condition, with breast infection because she was too early separated from her babies. She was completely shocked. First 7 days she spent on antibiotics and therapies, in the same time healing her body and her heart. First days were horrible, she cried and screamed loudly, but her roommate Conan was her comfort and we all somehow pulled off that difficult time.
Today, Boa is a cheerful young girl, eager for playing games, kissing, running and cuddling. She is perfect with people, cheerful and relaxed with other dogs. She leaves the past behind with every new day. Boa is a pure Belgian Shepherd, very gentle, not dominant or aggressive. she is full of energy, always in the mood for running and playing, but at the same time so faithful and willing to spend hours cuddling and looking into your eyes. This smart head can barely wait to show its people what she can learn and surprise them with her intelligence.

Boa has about 25 kilos, she is vaccinated, microchoipped and spayed. She is ready to be adopted as an equal family member, perfect for sleeping on the couch and watching TV in cold winter evenings