BOBA ♀ – born 09/2017

Our Boba. Our dearest sweetheart. Our big teddy bear, who we kept so carefully. Who was thrown out in front of our door in high pregnancy. With whom we spent the night at temperatures below zero while she was giving birth to her babies. Who we cuddled until we had melted all the ice of her wounded heart. Boba, in whose eyes we see all the harm done to animals in this world. Boba whose soul was so badly wounded and then healed with love. Boba is a dog that doesn’t agree on half solution. She gives her whole self, as faithful as the mythological Penelope, as beautiful as a field of poppies in the spring. Her soul tells the story, in her eyes is the Universe. Boba is not a dog, she is a Guardian, she is Obedience, she is Warmth. She is now learning to run, to play, to be happy for going for a walk. And she is waiting for a home where she will bloom like the most beautiful rose. She’s wonderful with people, great on a leash. With other dogs still careful. Boba is looking for the people she will love. People who will guide her, people she will listen unconditionally because she will love them the most. Boba is a dog that will do anything for her man. Once you win her heart, there is no longer back. Then Boba is the best, the most wonderful dog in the world.

Boba is chipped and vaccinated and will soon be sterilized. Thank you Stephan Seidl for sponsoring Boba! 🙂