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ZORKO ♂ – born 2010

UPDATE: ZORKO IS RESERVED! :) This sad old boy hasn't yet tried what it feels like to wake up with his man. He came to us from a terrible conditions in which he lived as a working hunting dog. Loveless, always hungry and exhausted. Our Zorko just wants to be someone's friend. He doesn't require much, a quiet corner and a soft bed.

CONGO ♂ – born 11/2018

UPDATE: CONGO IS RESERVED! :) CONGO is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: ca 18 kg.

CURLY SUE ♀ – born 04/2019

UPDATE: CURLY SUE IS RESERVED! :) CURLY SUE is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 12 kg.

GORAN ♂ – born 06/2018

Our little Goran once had an owner and knows exactly how does it look to live in apartment. Unfortunately the owner couldn't longer take care of him and he had to come to the shelter. He had to replace peace with the noise of the shelter, and you can only imagine how terrified he was about it.

LIVIO ♂ – born 07/2017

We have feeling that our dear boy is counting every day until his adoption. He is so eager for his family. Stay in a noisy shelter is extremely difficult to Livio because he once lived in apartment with his owner. However, the owner did not take good care of him and Livio ended up with us.

RUDI ♂ – born 09/2017

The young, cheerful and curious boxer/labrador mix didn't see much in the first two years of his life. His life before the shelter was small and dirty cage. Rudi's destiny is a typical story from these area. A new puppy arrived at his place in the cage and Rudi needed to leave.

ENARA ♀ – born 02/2018

A girl with a special, exotic beauty, and shine in her eyes. She arrived after wandering around the surrounding villages for weeks, seeking food for herself and her son, Chico. A wonderful, sacrificial mom. Enara is a gorgeous girl who gets along well with everyone.

LIAM ♂ – born 2006

What can we say about Liam, that is not being visible at first glance? Liam's face tells you the whole story. He is one exhausted old man to whom nothing good has happened in his life so far. He spent all his life in the cage. Such a wonderful mix of malamute and sheepherd whose only wish has always been to be around people.

SONJA ♀ – born 01/2018

UPDATE: SONJA IS RESERVED! :) We first met Sonja in the most difficult moments of her life. She was closed in a dark shed with her 3 puppies. Skinny, starved, full of fleas and wounds, she was breast feeding her babies. Despite the man put her in that horrible situation, she did not lose faith in people.


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