Adopt me


IVE ♂ – born 11/2016

We found him in the fields, hidden behind a tractor. He was hungry, thirsty, tormented, with broken hip and a leg that just hung like it wasn't his. For the first two days he just ate and slept. He was quiet and invisible, so grateful for the help he got from us. Like he wanted to tell us in the most humbly way that we don't have to worry much and he will be fine.

JIAN ♂ – born 02/2018

We knew from the beginning that life was cruel to Jian before he came to us. He came hungry, thirsty, in panic. But it didn't take long for him to realize that a new, nicer chapter was coming. That he will always have food, water, walkings, cuddlings, and that all he had to think about was how to put the nicest smile for someone who will finally notices him and drives him Home.

SARIE ♀ – born 11/2016

Sarie came to our shelter with her 3 weeks old babies, rescued at last minute. From the beginning we saw this wonderful, wounded soul as the best mom in the world taking care of her puppies. Hungry and exhausted, she moved aside that babies can ate. She guarded them, and heated with her body.

DEA ♀ – born 11/2015

Our little forest fairy, that's how we like to call her. Dea, our sweetie, our little squirrel. Dea, who had lived in the forest for 2 years, frozen in fear after her pack was removed from where she was born. Her small world was all she knew. Dea survived thanks to good people who didn't get their hands off her, who fed her and brought her closer to the neighborhood and homes.

NORAH ♀ – born 02/2019

NORAH is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 12 kg. Height: 45 cm.

ROCKY ♂ – born 01/2017

If he could, Rocky would cry all day on our shoulder. This big guy's owner recently died and Rocky ended up with us. He is totally lost and endlessly sad. Rocky is actually just waiting for his owner to come back, and it's really hard for him to adapt at the shelter. He used to live in an apartment and sleep in his bed.

MILO ♂ – born 07/2019

MILO is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 6 kg.

ELTON ♂ – born 07/2019

UPDATE: ELTON IS RESERVED! :) ELTON is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 4 kg.

PAPI ♂ – born 07/2019

PAPI is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 6 kg.