BOBA ♀ – born 09/2017

Every volunteer could write a novel about our wonderful Boba. We are all bound to her by a special story, known only to us. We are all agree that we got this sweetheart right under our skin. Our Boba is a wonderful dog, a big bear with a gentle heart. It's hard to describe her character. Her size and laziness combined with sillyness and stubbornness. As a true Sarplaninac, she is loyal to people she knows and adores, but we must mention that Sarplaninac are extremely loyal guard dogs, and they need a family and environment that will tire them mentally and physically.

TESA ♀ – born 09/2016

Ah, Tesa..our star, sun and the moon.. It's hard to be objective when you blindly love someone, when you adore all the "flaws", sillyness and unusual behaviors. Dear Tesa..We just want to hug her, love her and protect her from all her inner demons that prevent her from living life to the fullest. We will do our best to describe her. Tessa has been with us since she was two months old, now she is four years old. Until recently, only one person could coudle her if it managed to push her into a corner.