LORD ♂ – born 01/2015

UPDATE: LORD IS RESERVED! :) Our cheerful young boy didn't even realize what had happened to him when he came to us. He used to lived in an apartment, as beloved pet, when the situation in his family changed and he moved from his place near the stove to a cold box in the middle of winter. For days we listened his crying, for days we comforted him, though we didn't know how to explain to him that it will never be the same again.

DALLAS ♂ – born 03/2017

This beautiful boy waited few years to get rid of the chain. When that finally happened, our Dallas is showing us every day how grateful he is. He enjoys walks, follows us by the leg and returns to his box without any problem. He is extremely neat, he waits to go out for a toillette and never destroys anything in the box.

CAPTAIN ♂ – born 02/2019

Mr. Captain is a young boy who had been hunting daily for a whole week in a village near Pula. Whether he was dump by someone or arrived alone, we couldn't removed him from the bushes where he was hiding. As soon as this gentleman heard the sound of the car, he would slip into the deepest corner, where he thought no one could do anything to him.

VILI ♂ – born 06/2015

Our Vili is a little village sheriff. He is one of those dogs who will always be able to survive. A small charmer who will easily melt even the coldest heart. We can only laugh when we see his little butt dancing when he sees the leash and proudly goes for walks. Or how he is always ready to guard his bed.

AX ♂ – born 06/2015

What to say about the creature in whose eyes you see all the love and warmth of the dog's soul? Just like his eyes, Ax is perfection. Soft, gentle character, a smile that doesn't come off his face, fully committed to his man with desire to do everything for him. Ax is perfect on the leash, with people and dogs he is wonderful.

PUMBA ♂ – born 02/2018

We like to call him "Our little wild boar" and he is really one of the funniest dogs we've ever had chance to hang out with. You just can’t stay serious next to this little guy. Pumba is a dog that you can take everywhere. And you will remember that trip as the craziest fun ever.

IVE ♂ – born 11/2016

UPDATE: IVE IS RESERVED! :) We found him in the fields, hidden behind a tractor. He was hungry, thirsty, tormented, with broken hip and a leg that just hung like it wasn't his. For the first two days he just ate and slept. He was quiet and invisible, so grateful for the help he got from us. Like he wanted to tell us in the most humbly way that we don't have to worry much and he will be fine.

ROCKY ♂ – born 01/2017

If he could, Rocky would cry all day on our shoulder. This big guy's owner recently died and Rocky ended up with us. He is totally lost and endlessly sad. Rocky is actually just waiting for his owner to come back, and it's really hard for him to adapt at the shelter. He used to live in an apartment and sleep in his bed.

ROMEO ♂ – born 09/2016

What to say about our lover boy for whome we can't imagine to be separating from his Juliet. He is completely fascinated by her. While Juliet is more relaxed, he is a little more shy with people. That is why he needs her support, to feels more secure and courageous. We assume that the two of them have spent their entire lives together and have been a comfort to each other in the most difficult times.