LUI ♂ – born 07/2015

Oh, how Lui enjoys to be close to people ... we knew it from the first moment. He is one of those kind dogs who will give you his heart as soon as you touch him. He is so cheerful and playful but also so stable and calm when it is expected.

GIULIANO ♂ – born 2015

Giuliano's life before the shelter consisted mainly of staying in the apartment. He was rarely going out for a walk. Once the owners could no longer care about him, he came to us. His pictures tell you a story of happiness he feels when he is outside.

PAZ ♂ – born 03/2017

UPDATE: PAZ IS RESERVED! :) A handsome, gentle, elegant boy Paz politely entered into our shelter and quietly accepted his new life. Paz radiates with calmness and humbleness. Sometimes he puts his head down and lays on the floor on his back when we're going to cuddle him.

NEMO ♂ – born 12/2017

Just like his brother Pan, Nemo is also a particularly sensible soul. He spent the first three months of his life in a closed cage, in the dark, in his own feces. After that, with the other brothers and sisters, Nemo arrived to our shelter.

IKKI ♂ – born 05/2018

IKKI is one of the "horror litter" baby, as we called them. They were 2 months old when we found them; hungry, sick and literally one step from the death. It took us 2 months to bring them back to a safe life. It took us much longer to bring them faith to people. Ikki is still insecure in meeting with unknown people, but once he goes for a walk with them, he is excellent.

AMOR ♂ – born 2014

First years of his life Amor lived in a modest home conditions but he was surrounded by unconditional love. We think this shaped him for a lifetime. Later, because of the tragic series of circumstances, his life changed completely..

BAFI ♂ – born 10/2015

Bafi arrived to us in a very poor psycho-physical condition. He lived for a few years in a box where he had never been touched or taken for a walk. He was totally unaccustomed to the human touch.

LINO ♂ – born 05/2018

Based on Lino's labby mix look, you would probably say he is full of energy, but he is actually the calmest dog in the shelter. Currently the sadest one. Like he lost hope that his people would ever come.

LUCY ♂ – born 2011

Little LUCY (boy) came to us after his owner became severely ill and was no longer able to take care of him. Lucy is a maltzer, he is 7 years old and it's obvious that he has been loved in his earlier life.