ZORKO ♂ – born 2010

UPDATE: ZORKO IS RESERVED! :) This sad old boy hasn't yet tried what it feels like to wake up with his man. He came to us from a terrible conditions in which he lived as a working hunting dog. Loveless, always hungry and exhausted. Our Zorko just wants to be someone's friend. He doesn't require much, a quiet corner and a soft bed.

LIAM ♂ – born 2006

What can we say about Liam, that is not being visible at first glance? Liam's face tells you the whole story. He is one exhausted old man to whom nothing good has happened in his life so far. He spent all his life in the cage. Such a wonderful mix of malamute and sheepherd whose only wish has always been to be around people.

LAV ♂ born 05/2011

Lav is a wonderful Great Dane mix. We like to think that some human is hiding in his smart head, because our Lav understands everything. He's calling us, talking to us, weeping sadly in his box. He lived 7 years in one industrial backyard and walked very little.

ROCKY ♂ – born 10/2005

Rocky came to us from the horror shelter of the Capica association in Rijeka. He is one of the few to have had a chip implanted. As befits a dog of his age, he is very low maintenance.


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