LARI ♂ – born 01/2010

Almost all life has passed for our Lari, without opportunity to shine in his best light. A clever border collie mix who loves people, loves to learn, is active and cheerful, spent ten years of his life in a yard on the chain.

CHEKHOV ♂ – born 2002

UPDATE: CHEKHOV IS RESERVED! :) It's hard to describe how we felt when that old boy walked into our shelter. We were in shock for sure. We took him from the City shelter where he came after 17 long years spent in the yard, outdoor, on the chain.

LAV ♂ born 05/2011

Lav is a wonderful Great Dane mix. We like to think that some human is hiding in his smart head, because our Lav understands everything. He's calling us, talking to us, weeping sadly in his box. He lived 7 years in one industrial backyard and walked very little.

ROCKY ♂ – born 10/2005

Rocky came to us from the horror shelter of the Capica association in Rijeka. He is one of the few to have had a chip implanted. As befits a dog of his age, he is very low maintenance.