ASTRO ♂ – born 02/2020

ASTRO is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 14 kg. Height: 45 cm.

SECER ♂ – born 05/2019

UPDATE: SECER IS RESERVED! :) On a day he proudly walked into our shelter, he also walked into our hearts and filled them with joy. Secer is a malamute with the pure joy and curiosity of a child. He is always good-tempered, always with a smile on his face. Young boy spent the first year of his life on a chain and now the world has opened up to him.

ARES ♂ – born 07/2016

At first glance, he is strong and brave, but in fact he is extremely gentle and affectionate. Ares is a shar pei-type boy who spent his first 4 years of life in an apartment in a family with children. Then his owner got ill and Ares ended up with us in a shelter. For the first few days he just waited for his owner to come back and then our dear boy accepted the new situation and us as his family. Ares really needs his people.

IDEA ♀ – born 07/2016

UPDATE: IDEA IS RESERVED! :) If you look closely into her eyes you will see all the torment she has experienced in her life. First it was life with a sick owner and then years of living in a shelter. We have a feeling that this girl has never dared or wished for anything for herself. There is so much modesty in her. Idea is a young dog with an old soul. She arrived to us recently and from the first day we watch how she quietly and unobtrusively enjoys running in the meadows, enjoys cuddling and treats.

RULA ♀ – born 12/2018

UPDATE: RULA IS RESERVED! :) It only took her a couple of weeks to turn from a confused and insecure girl into a beautiful dog. Rula has spent her entire life in shelters and had not many nice experiences with people. And that is exactly what she lived for, and finally welcomed. Today she dances happily when we enter her box and prepare her for a walk. She finally enjoys cuddling.

SHAGGY ♂ – born 06/2018

UPDATE: SHAGGY IS RESERVED! :) He's a real Mr. Hairy with a funny face. Dear boy in a terrier type can be equally active and calm dog. From day one he showed us how wonderful nature he has. He is curious but also patient while waiting for his turn to walk. We took him to the sea and it was wonderful to watch him enjoy learning new things in a relaxed way. He liked driving in a car, he was happy to meet other people and was extremely polite when meeting new dogs.

ANGUS ♂ – born 06/2018

UPDATE: ANGUS IS RESERVED! :) Angus is another hairy beauty in the type of terrier that recently arrived to us. He is extremely focused on people and mostly is not interested in other dogs. Even when unknown dogs bark at him, he remains calm and uninterested. During the walk he is beautiful on a leash, eager to learn new things. Dear boy will fascinate you with his smile and his mustache.

KENYA ♀ – born 04/2016

UPDATE: KENYA IS RESERVED! :) She supposed to be dead, tied up somewhere in the woods. That’s what her former owner intended with her. Luckily, instead of that, she came to us. From the first moment it was clear to us what kind of life she had. Never loved, never cuddled, never respected as a living being. Regularly beaten. Kenya was a shadow of a dog for the first few days.

ANNO ♂ – born 06/2019

UPDATE: ANNO IS RESERVED! :) Anno is a boy who came to us as insecure and frightened, completely in the shadow of his friend Nuna. However, it only took one walk outside the shelter for Anno to see how beautiful the world is, and how only a little courage is needed to enjoy life. And dear boy did just that. Now he goes for a walk happily, he is beautiful on a leash and loves to drive in the car.