HUNDI ♂ – born 01/2015

Take a good look at his face, his eyes, and you will hear everything he is telling you. His name is Hundi. We know nothing about his past except that he once had to have an owner. Because with all his being, this wonderful dog belongs to his Man. He is extremely intelligent and obedient. Hundi is just looking to please his man and waiting for what is expected of him. He is a purebred German Shepherd. When he falls in love, he will love and protect his man to the last breath.

VEDA ♀ – born 01/2019

If you only knew what a cuddling dog she is. Big and soft, like a huge teddy bear. When you sit next to Veda, you can easily lean your head on her shoulder. She was born to be your best friend, faithful companion and greatest cuddler. Although she is 2 years old, we would say that she is a puppy by her behavior. She is playful and funny. When she comes out of her cage, she doesn't like to go away from us, she likes to lay on her back and enjoy cuddles.

TINTIN ♂ – born 01/2014

UPDATE: TINTIN IS RESERVED! :) Tintin is a dog who calls us from his cage all the time. While he cries and barks, he looks us in the eyes with complete despair and it is impossible not to understand what he is telling us. He wants to go out so badly. When he goes for a walk he become the happiest dog on Earth. He walks nicely on a leash, sniffs and enjoys the company of people. He adores children. We were interested how he would behave in the apartment, would he feels in the apartment like he feels in the cage? We took him to our friend’s home one afternoon and had something to see. And you will also see it in the video.

BENNY ♂ – born 06/2013

UPDATE: BENNY IS RESERVED! :) Life was more than unfair to our Benny. Before he arrived to us, he spent his entire life in another shelter. This wonderful dog spent 7 cold and rainy winters outdoors. It is devastated for us to think that he was not adopted as a puppy, but he reached his old age behind the bars of the cage. Today Benny looks like an old dog but inside him is still the soul of a curious child. He is eager to see the world, he is eager for cuddling that will not stop, and for people who will be with him when he goes to sleep and when he wakes up.

NISSA ♀ – born 10/2009

UPDATE: NISSA IS RESERVED! :) Nissa knows what it means to have a home because she had it until her owner passed away and she ended up with us. You can’t even imagine how hard is for her to live in the shelter. That beautiful girl just wants her peace. Only when we go for a walk and get away from the noise of the shelter, she visibly breathes a sigh of relief and enjoys cuddling. Walks are so easy with her, she will follow you by the leg, wherever you go.

NAOMI ♀ – born 07/2020

UPDATE: NAOMI IS RESERVED! :) NAOMI is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 10 kg.

POPPY♀ – born 04/2020

UPDATE: POPPY IS RESERVED! :) POPPY is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Weight: 12 kg.

KOKO ♂ – born 05/2015

We could tell you the whole novel about Koko but everything we want to tell you actually fits in four words. Please, take him home. Because we guarantee, you will not find a better dog. Without any exaggeration. This perfect creature spent unbelievable 4 years in one shelter before he came to us. He waited for adoption in the company of his equaly perfect sister, and it didn't happen. Koko is a dog who wants only to be someone’s best friend, someone’s shadow.

KIKA ♀ – born 05/2015

UPDATE: KIKA IS RESERVED! :) Just like Koko's, Kika's story is also unbelievable. When you see her, you wonder what this beautiful girl is doing behind bars. And when you hear that she spent 4 long years in a shelter, you wonder if life can really be that cruel. Because Kika is a typical family dog with her whole appearance. Her face is gentle, her nature is wonderfully soft. She arrived to us recently in the company of her brother and quietly accepted her new home, her new cage.