RONALD ♂ – born 09/2015

Ronald's story is a type of story that is the most saddest for us. Because it's about dog that once had an owner and lived in a house. And that lasted for almost 5 years, after which, due to unfortunate circumstances, our Roni ended up in a shelter. It’s hard for us to describe the grief of dogs to whom something like this happens. They don’t know what they did wrong and they did nothing wrong. They don’t know it’s forever, they’re waiting for their owner and they think every time they exit the cage, is actually means they are going home.

CELESTE ♀ – born 01/2018

UPDATE: CELESTE IS RESERVED! :) Celeste is like some classy lady. Big girl with the calm energy and graceful movements. From the first moment she walked so calmly into the shelter and paid no attention to the barking and crowding. Like it didn't concern her. She walks beautifully on a leash, doesn't pull at all. Celeste is a girl who loves long easy walks and also enjoys driving a car.

JAX ♂ – born 09/2018

UPDATE: JAX IS RESERVED! :) All the fans of Belgian Shepherds will remain fascinated by this guy. And the others won't be able to stop thinking about him once they see him. In his beautiful eyes is incredible fidelity and obedience. Jax looks at you with that typical "Malinoa" look: "tell me what you want me to do for you". A beautiful, big boy perfectly follows you by the leg and can't get enough of cuddling.

ELANA ♀ – born 12/2019

She is not big, not small, not too active and not too calm. Elana is a perfect dog. The curious little girl is endlessly happy when we enter her box, patiently waiting for us to put her on a leash and then politely accompanies us on a walk. If she’s without a leash, she doesn’t get too far away from us. Elana is like a child who loves to show you how she enjoys to play. Every once in a while she needs to kiss you, just like that, for no particular reason.

NOTA ♀ – born 04/2020

UPDATE: NOTA IS RESERVED! :) NOTA is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 12 kg.

BRO ♂ – born 02/2020

UPDATE: BRO IS RESERVED! :) BRO is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 35 kg.

AMIGO ♂ – born 03/2019

UPDATE: AMIGO IS RESERVED! :) His name tells you everything. A beautiful dog that you will want to hug at first sight and tell him: let's go home my friend. Amigo is a gentle soul. He was found as a baby in a garbage dump and so far he has met nothing but life in a shelter. Although his eyes are curious to meet the world, our Amigo is an infinitely patient and humble dog.

MARINE ♀ – born 02/2019

Marine is a girl with a unique smile. Her funny teeth give her a charm that is impossible to resist. A small and fragile girl is an ideal lap dog. She loves to cuddle and to be carry. You don't feel it on the leash, she is so easy. Marine is a little lady who will faithfully accompany you on walks in the city and nature. She gets along well with other dogs and adores children.

MANU ♂ – born 08/2019

UPDATE: MANU IS RESERVED! :) When you hug him you feel nothing but happiness. Manu is a big teddy bear. His hair is rich and soft like cotton wool and his character is extremely positive. A gentle, patient and smiling boy will brighten up even your darkest day. Big Manu is a big baby. He gets along great with all dogs. He also likes those miniature 5 kg grannies.