GIMLI ♂ – born 04/2019

UPDATE: GIMLI IS RESERVED! :) GIMLI is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: ca 10 kg.

ARAGON ♂ – born 05/2019

ARAGON is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: ca 8 kg.

REA ♀ – born 2015

Don't think Rea's face is smiling. She looks at us this way with anticipation because she asks for answers she cannot get. Rea is a wonderful, beautiful, wounded soul. She was brought to us because her owners cannot longer take care for her. Full of trust and love, she was left broken hearted in our shelter.

LOCA ♀ – born 11/2018

In one sentence, Loca is a perfect dog. Not just for her beauty, but also her character. A lovely, young mix of Labrador and Bernese Mountain dog. She is kind and cheerful as Labradors know how to be, and she has definitely inherited the size from Bernese Mountain.

ELAN ♂ – born 10/2018

At first glance you can see that Elan is like a fireworks of joy. Totally carefree, playful, curious and positive. The type of dog that is the best friend to everyone. You just need to put him on the leash and he's ready.

MINTY ♀ – born 01/2019

UPDATE: MINTY IS RESERVED! :) MINTY is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 15 kg.

ROSE ♀ – born 01/2019

UPDATE: ROSE IS RESERVED! :) ROSE is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: 17 kg.

LOUIS ♂ – born 03/2019

UPDATE: LOUIS IS RESERVED! :) LOUIS is vaccinated and microchipped. Weight: ca 8 kg.

ASTRID ♀ – born 09/2017

Astrid is the kindest girl in the world. A true little discovery. She will desperately call you from her box but in a second she get out there, she is ready to follow you to the end of the world. Literally, next to your leg, she will not walk even half a meter in front of you.


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