CLEO ♀ – born 03/2019

UPDATE: CLEO IS RESERVED! 🙂 We cannot compare this beautiful girl with any young dog at the shelter. Neither by the difficult childhood she survived on the chain, nor by the optimism she spreads around. We’ve never seen Cleo in a bad mood. She looks at the world through “pink glasses” and refuses to believe anything else. Cleo simply refuses to grow up. She keeps that innocence and playfulness of the puppy and every day she thrills us again. She is a dreamer, a romantic, a child, she is pure joy. A real mood booster, a cure for a broken heart. She is perfect on a leash, and adores dogs. A smiling girl is the perfect family dog.

Cleo is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. Weight: 20 kg. Thank you Sandra Mandl for sponsoring Cleo! 🙂