DEEP ♂ – born 2010

UPDATE: DEEP IS RESERVED! 🙂 Our beautiful Deep is more shy than Whiskey. Two brothers lived together in one yard and they came together to our shelter. On a first sight Deep is still distrustful towards people but we see he needs human touch and human protection. He had probably never been cuddled in his life or maybe he has some ugly memories related to human touch. It looks like he doesn’t know what to do and how to relax. When we approach to Deep, he usually lays on the floor and shyly enjoy in cuddling. That’s what he needs the most in his life. Once he get trust in his people, Deep will be the shadow of his man. He is extremely gentle and calm. Deep is not traumatized dog only unsecure. And he doesn’t need much time to gain confidence and become the biggest cuddler in the world. Our gentle boy is learning to walk on the leash at the moment. He is excellent with all dogs, perfectly submissive at first meeting.

He has about 20 kg, he is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Height: 50 cm. Thank you Sandra Stefanak and Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Deep! 🙂