DIESEL ♂ – born 08/2016

Diesel is a small energetic boy who will capture your heart in a second. He spent all his young life in hell of Utinja kill shelter and he came to us to avoid euthanasia. With his gentle eyes, cheerful feet and happy tail wagging, he immediately reveals how much he wants to be loved. He loves the world so much that he doesn’t know where to go and to who he’ll first express his gratitude. We can feel how he is grateful for the rescue, his full tummy, for sharing his box with a tender roommate, for the fact that he can run every day, for new adventures and a lot of cuddling. Diesel is perfect on the leash, he is very polite and playful with other dogs and he is so in love with people. He hasn’t been introduced with cats yet, but we believe that with his gentle heart, he won’t have a problem with them either.

Diesel has been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Weight: 14 kg.