DJANGO ♂ – born 2016

We were watching our Django around the shelter for months. He was surviving on a dusty road, like a lonely cowboy left alone. He was saying hello, but he did not want to get to close to us. And then he finally entered the shelter and walked quietly into the rhytm of life like he understood everything. He is a beautiful terrier mix with warm heart. He has really soft character and a he is real gentleman. There is no sign of high energy typical for terriers. He agrees with all dogs and likes to be close to people when he comes out of the box. Our clever boy is ready to learn everything we ask him to.

In his forever home, he comes vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He has about 23 kg. Height: 56 cm. Thank you Ute Tippelt and Lorelei Roessler for sponsoring Django! 🙂