DOBBY ♂ – born 2016

Our dear Dobby arrived from the city pound and it was immediately apparent that he had lived and “worked” as a hunting dog all his life. He was frightened and submissive and we saw that he had never been cuddled with human hands. It took a little .while to give us confidence and start enjoying cuddling and free running that has nothing to do with the hunt. Dobby is an active dog who loves long walks. He is submissive with other dogs, does not enter into fights or contests. Life in box is very difficult for him because he has no where to spend his energy and therefore he runs like an arrow when the box door is opened. For Dobby we are looking for an active family who understands the nature of hunting dogs and who is ready to learn our Dobby everything he needs to know, and most of all to show him what life in the family means.

Dobby is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. It’s about 20 kilos. Height: 47 cm. Thank you Silvia & Roland Christ for sponsoring Dobby. 🙂