ENARA ♀ – born 02/2018

A girl with a special, exotic beauty, and shine in her eyes. She arrived after wandering around the surrounding villages for weeks, seeking food for herself and her son, Chico. A wonderful, sacrificial mom. Enara is a gorgeous girl who gets along well with everyone. From the first moment at the shelter she returns to her box like she is returning to her home. Dear girl is so grateful for the food and the roof over her head. Outside her box, she likes to be around people. There is a great potential in Enara because a smart girl learns quickly and is easy to motivate by treats.

Beautiful Enara is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 50 cm tall and weighs about 19 kg. Thank you Katrin Kuhnhöfer and Andreas & Edith Hager for sponsoring Enara! 🙂