ENRICA ♀ – born 02/2018

Our girl with a serious looking face didn’t have an easy childhood. Heavy chain found around her neck testifies to this. Initially she was a little shy, not sure if she would experience anything else bad. But it only took her a few days to open up as a beautiful rose and show her wonderful character. Faithful, obedient, playful, perfect on a leash, maximum loyal, that is our Enrica. Enrica who didn’t learn to laugh when she was a little puppy. She certainly didn’t know there are balls, sticks and some people throwing it as a game, that there is a soft bed even in the shelter. She certainly never saw a nice snack in her life before. Enrica, who is still, at first, holding a guard of a serious girl. But she is actually one of the kindest and most cheerful sweethearts we’ve ever met. She discovers the world of play and dog’s friendship, discovers the grace of human touch which she adores. She likes the long walks by the sea, right by the foot. Enrica is a dog that will never leave you, she will love and respect you with her whole being, look you straight in the eyes and do whatever you ask her to do. She loves dogs, she gets along great with people. Whoever chooses to adopt her, will discover that she is the true proof for the phrase “dogs are our most loyal friends” because she will prove it every day.

Enrica is microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized. She has ca 20 kg.