FJODOR ♂ – born 09/2015

Little Mr. Fjodor was found wandering on the street with a piece of chain around his neck. He was taken to the city shelter from where we took him on the same day. And that same day he stole our heart . A small terrier mix of 6.5 kilos, desperately needed for attention and human touch. Little energetic furry ball. Whether you’re holding him on a leash or carring him on your hands, Fjodor is create for it. Our visitors took him several times to the beach and to the city, and each time he turned out to be a real little gentleman. He follows people in the footsteps and can wait patiently if they sits somewhere and makes a break. He walks cheerfully and proudly and he is so grateful for every look you give him. He is full of energy, brightly watches everything that is happening around, and only waits for someone to look at him or reach out for him. Then he dance on the back legs and would like to jump 2 m to the air if he can. Fjodor agrees with the dogs, he adores people and on the leash he is pure perfection.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and soon he will be neutered.