FREYA ♀ – born 03/2018

First time we saw Freya after she was taken to the shelter, we were totally speechless. We have seen dogs in poor condition, but when the “owner” brings you a dog on the edge of her life, malnourished to a half of her normal weight, full of living wounds from a million fleas that settled on her skin (because she no longer had hair) and in such desperate psychic condition.. you can only ask the whole Universe for silently think about the pain that this poor creature had been suffered. When she first heard the opening of the can, she screamed so much that it broke our heart over and over again. The first days she wanted to eats tons of food, but we had to give her in small quantities every few hours. And it was never enough, she could never felt her stomach was full. The only thing that hurt us more than her obsession with food was her obsession with people. Each feeding and every walking out of her box, included endless hugs and kisses, and her screeming when she tried to say thank you. This poor girl settled deep into our hearts from the first second we saw her. Freya took weeks to recover, but she did it heroically. Now Freya learns other things. She meets dog friends and she gets along with, and she still adores people without exception. Her attachment and need for people, the cry we hear when she’s in the box, break our heart. She doesn’t need a leash, her compass is a man, and by man she measures her entire world. There is no doubt that Freya will be one of, if not the most loyal dog we have ever met. After everything that people have done to her, she trusts them the most. It’s impossible to meet her and not love her to the bone, just as she loves us back.

Freya is microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized. She has ca 20 kg.