GARA ♀ – born 01/2017

Gara and her brother Tio are left on the road like a trash. They were so stressed and full of fear. Two neighbors took them and took care of them until the tiny babies had been fully vaccinated and ready to go to the shelter.
Gara was accepted life in the shelter much easier than Tio. She quickly realized that there are good people in this world, that cuddling is a wonderful thing and she is safe with us. Since then, she is not separated from us, she just waits for a moment of freedom and then follow us everywhere and gently asks for our attention with her paws. She is slowly getting used to the leash, with other dogs she is great, the cat just needs to meet, but we believe there will be no problems. She still keeps a little distance from unknown people, but she makes progress every day. We believe that our sweet “little panther” will quickly adapt on new family. She can’t wait for it!

Gara is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Weight: 20 kg.