GARY ♂ – born 06/2019

He is the loudest barker in our shelter at the moment, trying to get all our attention on himself, but we’re sure that once he tastes the love of his family, he’ll transform into your favorite silent pet. Until recently, Gary lived in a pack where other dogs were dominant on him, so he is still submissive with everyone. For the first few days in the shelter, he played a “runaway bride roll”, until he realized that our love was sincere and well-meaning, so with a sigh of relief he began to throw himself into our arms. In a short time, he has become a real cuddling dog, but he doesn’t impose itself too much. Since he likes good manners, walking on a leash was quickly and successfully mastered.

Gary is vaccinated, chipped and castrated. He is 51 cm tall and has 20 kg. Thank you Rajna Kljaić for sponsoring Gary! 🙂