GOGA ♀ & STEVIE ♂ – born 2004

GOGA ♀ & STEVIE ♂ – born 2004

UPDATE: Goodbye dear Stevie..Whole life is passed by and you never feel how it’s like to have your own family and sleeps in real bed..Please forgive us..

Goga and Stevie come from the horror shelter of the Capica association in Rijeka. These two pals share a strong connection, God only knows how much time they spent together in the stinky enclosure of the horror shelter. When the time came for their temporary accommodations and the volunteers tried to lead Stevie away from her, Goga became very alarmed and wholeheartedly defended and guarded him. They are constantly together and eat from the same bowl. Stevie is quite a bit slower than Goga and needs to lie down every now and again and when he does, Goga gently sits down next to him with unspoken understanding. They are very low maintenance, don’t bark and get along well with other dogs. Stevie is slower, calmer, a bit confused and blind. Goga is his guide; curious, amiable and cuddly, always following people around. They are looking for the best home, with responsible and serious people willing to slowly and patiently introduce them to a world outside of the enclosure they lived in.

Goga weighs cca 18 kg, Stevie cca 22 kg. They have both been vaccinated and have microchips.


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