HOGAR ♂ – born 08/2019

He is named after a cartoon character. Hogar is just that, one ridiculous benevolent guy. He had spent his entire life so far on a chain, and has come to us from that chain. He could hardly wait for that freedom. The short-legged boy lives for the moment of going for a walk. Then he runs, sniffs and curiously studies everything he had missed so far. In walking, however, he doesn’t move away from us. He likes to cuddle, he doesn’t take that wide smile off his face and his tail doesn’t stop wagging. For Hogar, we are looking for an active family with whom the little muscular boy will enjoy walking and playing. He walks perfectly on a leash, agrees with everyone and even tolerates cats.

Hogar is vaccinated, chipped and castrated. He is 40 cm tall and weighs ca 14 kg.