IVE ♂ – born 11/2016

We found him in the fields, hidden behind a tractor. He was hungry, thirsty, tormented, with broken hip and a leg that just hung like it wasn’t his. For the first two days he just ate and slept. He was quiet and invisible, so grateful for the help he got from us. Like he wanted to tell us in the most humbly way that we don’t have to worry much and he will be fine. He went through a three difficult operations, trusting us fully in everything we did for him. Bandages, physical therapy, nothing was a problem for him. Love remained in his eyes. Recently he started to use his injured leg and he is making excellent progress. He runs, jumps, plays and smiles to every person and every dog friend. Ive loves to drive in a car, and is perfect on a leash. Walks by the sea with other dogs are his favorite. We are looking for people who will love him no matter what, even if he is never “perfect”. People to whom he will be brilliant just as he is – smiling boy with golden eyes and soul warm and soft like the finest velvet.

Ive is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He is about 18 kg and is 50 cm tall.