JIAN ♂ – born 02/2018

We knew from the beginning that life was cruel to Jian before he came to us. He came hungry, thirsty, in panic. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that a new, nicer chapter was coming. That he will always have food, water, walkings, cuddlings, and that all he had to think about was how to put the nicest smile for someone who will finally notices him and drives him Home. Jian is our little sparkle, full of energy, full of life and joy. During walks he is perfect, so happy to be able to sniff the world out of the shelter. Other dogs don’t bother him at all and he adores people. A nice snack is a trick that will always work for Jian. Just a little attention is enough for him to look you straight in the eyes and ask the question that breaks our hearts because we cannot answer him positively. We hope for people who will look Jian straight in his eyes and hug him with all the power of their hearts. Jian will know how to give them back 100 times.

Jian is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He has 18 kg and is 48 cm tall.