JOHNNY ♂ – born 12/2014

Johnny is a young dog rescued from the horror kill shelter in Utinja. First, we saw Johnny on the picture, a small puppy with injured leg to which a death sentence had to be issued very soon. We took him home to the shelter, believed that the injuries of the leg had come in one of the fights … In the first days Johnny showed us how wonderful dog he is, incredibly thankull for the chance to eat and sleep in peace, and finally feel the freedom under his paws and love in his heart.
Going at the vet had broked our heart. We were expecting an old leg fracture, but x-ray showed that sometime ago, probably in a car crash, Johnny broke the entire pelvis and legs. It’s actually a miracle that he’s alive, and even bigger he is walking, running and playing like any other dog. We do not want to imagine how much pain Johnny has experienced injured and abandoned, broken bones and broken hearts, left to stand and die near the road. His fight for life and desire to overcome all the ugly he had been incredible. After a long thinking and several medical oppinion, we are close to make a decission not to touch the old injuries. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any operation would help, even more, if something goes wrong, his life and the possibility of movement would be in danger. We think he had strength to get away once, to survive, to find happiness, it would not be ok to expose him to such a risk. We strongly believe there are people who are looking with their heart and who will recognize in Johnny their’s soulmate. Johnny will be gratefully thank them, giving them so much love that they could only dream of. Johnny wants to be loved and give his heart. He’s a really a good dog, a true fighter and an amazing joy … Is it really not important that one of his legs is a little shorter. It does not bother him in running and cheerfully jumping around the shelter. Johnny adores people, he is best friend with females dogs, and we also believe that with a little work with the males, he will also become a good friend. He didn’t meet the cats yet, but we’ll let you know how it goes.

Our good boy is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Weight: 20 kg. Thank you Vanna MihaljeviΔ‡ for sponsoring Johnny! πŸ™‚