KENYA ♀ – born 04/2016

She supposed to be dead, tied up somewhere in the woods. That’s what her former owner intended with her. Luckily, instead of that, she came to us. From the first moment it was clear to us what kind of life she had. Never loved, never cuddled, never respected as a living being. Regularly beaten. Kenya was a shadow of a dog for the first few days. She was screaming in agony and just wanted to disappear. It was so hard for us to watch that despair and helplessness. After she cried over her life, she began to relax. It seemed to us that we can see her thinking, accepting all that was offered to her, leaving an ugly past behind and turning a new page. Kenya is a beautiful, intelligent girl who will be someone’s most loyal friend. She is gentle and shy and all she needs is a sense of security with her family. She gets along well with all dogs and walks nicely on a leash. For her, we are looking for gentle and patient people with whom our black beauty will enjoy life to the fullest.

Kenya is vaccinated, microchipped and soon sterilized. She weighs about 20 kg and is 45 cm high.