KIKA ♀ – born 05/2015

Just like Koko’s, Kika’s story is also unbelievable. When you see her, you wonder what this beautiful girl is doing behind bars. And when you hear that she spent 4 long years in a shelter, you wonder if life can really be that cruel. Because Kika is a typical family dog with her whole appearance. Her face is gentle, her nature is wonderfully soft. She arrived to us recently in the company of her brother and quietly accepted her new home, her new cage. She is breaking our hearts when we watch her gently wagging her tail at each visitor, patiently waiting her turn to go out for a walk. Kika adores people, especially children. She enjoys driving a car and walking in the city. She gets along great with all dogs. If you want a dog that will adore you from the first second she sniffs you, Kika is the girl for you. We will say the same as for her brother Koko. Please, take her home. So she can finally spend the first winter of her life in a dry and warm place with her family.

Kika is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 57 cm tall and weighs about 30 kg.