KOKO ♂ – born 05/2015

We could tell you the whole novel about Koko but everything we want to tell you actually fits in four words. Please, take him home. Because we guarantee, you will not find a better dog. Without any exaggeration. This perfect creature spent unbelievable 4 years in one shelter before he came to us. He waited for adoption in the company of his equaly perfect sister, and it didn’t happen. Koko is a dog who wants only to be someone’s best friend, someone’s shadow. Quiet and unobtrusive. Infinitely tolerant and patient. Decent. Gentle. Learned to drive in a car and great on a leash. He adores all living creatures around him. Children especially. He’s the kind of dog we see in movies with big stories and end up in tears. That is Koko. And that’s why we repeat. Please, take him home. He spent literally half of his life in cold cages, such a perfect dog. It’s not fair..

Koko is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He is 60 cm tall and weighs about 30 kg