KORA ♀ – born 08/2018

You know those dogs who would waiting for you in the sun and snow, at +50 and -10 degrees, faithful like Penelope, persistent and patient for just one touch, one nice word. Dogs who will give life for you without thinking. Those souls who neither have to eat or drink but must be with you, by your side, by your leg. Right next to your hand, attached to your heart. That is our Kora. She is able to hear every tone of your voice, understand in advance what you want from her and completely obey to it. Her only wish is your happiness and the only purpose is to be with you. Our eyes fill with tears every time we think of her coming out from the forrest, full of milk without a single puppy nearby. She crawled seeking for protection and shelter. Seeking for salvation. And that salvation Kora values more than any dog we have ever met. She respects us so much while her eyes speak about the sorrow in the past years. Kora is a dog that doesn’t need a leash, but a nice word. So sensitive and gentle, she left a deep mark in us. No aggression in that big agile body. She adores children and her mission is to fill your heart and your home with love. We guarantee that you can only wish for so good, smart and faithful dog. It will take just a second for Kora to surrender to you completely.

Kora is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 54 cm tall and weighs 25 kg.