KOTO ♂ – born 03/2019

At first glance, Koto is a big baby. A wonderful and curious boy who has experienced and seen a little in his life so far. And he is so eager for everything. Life in a cage is very hard for Koto, he can’t wait to go outside. When he comes out, he likes to stay with us, it looks like he only wants to explore the world in the company of friends. Koto is a strong young boy who gets along well with female dogs. On a trip to the city, he showed us that he likes to drive in a car, he is curious and has no fears. He reacted especially nicely when he met the children. Koto will be a great family dog. We are looking for an active family for him with whom he will be able to spend his energy.

Koto is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. He is 56 cm tall and weighs about 27 kg.