LAV ♂ born 05/2011

Lav is a wonderful Great Dane mix. We like to think that some human is hiding in his smart head, because our Lav understands everything. He’s calling us, talking to us, weeping sadly in his box. He lived 7 years in one industrial backyard and walked very little. He accepted all of that without complaining. And then he came to us and he met affection and love for the first time. He met a soft bed and easy walks. His gentle heart was completely melted. Lav would give his life for his man. In his eyes we see nothing but pure love. Garden or bigger terasse would be nice for him, so he also could lay outside in the sun. 30 minutes walk to him is quite enough. But he wants to experience the world and the nature ( most of his life he was in cage) and see many new things on the side of his family. But what he needs the most is his family. He loves people, adores children. He politely meets other dogs and he is very friendly with them. Quiet and calm, as Great Danes usually are. He doesn’t get along with cats. Because of all traumas he experienced in the past, Lav likes being close to people. In this moment he sees himself as the best friend of people, staying close together, so he doesn’t like to stay home alone. And maybe also, he is in fear that he can lose his people, when they let him alone. This is not something that can not be changed in the future. When Lav once relaxes with his family, we believe that there will be no problem to teach him to stay alone at home. But it needs time and he must feel that he is loved and real member of his family. We would like that his family come to our shelter, meet Lav, and if they fall in love with each other, Lav can be adopted. Lav is an extremely gentle and sensible giant with the golden heart of a child.

He has about 50 kilos, he is vaccinated and microchipped. Height: 70 cm. Thank you Matija Vuković, Ingrid Blüm, Sylvia Storch, Željka Juričko, Anita Sossalla and Stefanie-Nicole Vellick for sponsoring Lav! 🙂