LEA ♀ – born 2014

Lea’s sad story begins on a rainy Sunday when she had to leave her home after 3 years. She had to move to the shelter because of sad family situation. Her sad eyes and sticking to her former owner broke our hearts. Her panic and fear when she arrived is hard to describe. Sadness that she felt when she saw the crowd of shelter we’ll never forget.
This little girl is looking for gentle people, who will slowly learn her all she needs to know and enjoy with her in each moment of their new life. Lea is beautiful, well behaved dog today. She knows how happiness looks like and she is completely relaxed. She is looking forward to every new day and playing with her roommate Diesel. Every day she goes for a walk out of the shelter without a leash, with our volunteer Ivan. She follows him without any problem.
She is still a bit shy about unknown people, but she needs only a little time to trust people and for Lea it means love forever and ever. She is extremely tolerant to all dogs (including puppies). Her eyes as big as the universe just ask people to hold her tightly and promise her peace, love and security. We know she will do everything to show her gratitude and faithfulness.

Lea is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Weight cca 25 kg. Thank you Stephan Seidl for sponsoring Lea! 🙂