LEO ♂ – born 2015

Leo found us..On New Year’s eve 2016., he came to the shelter with injured leg and asked for help. X-ray showed that his leg was only injured but not broken, so our big boy started to recover. He was so polite with the vets. And he has been polite ever since. There is no agression at all in this muscle boy. Only lots of energy and desire for running and catching balls. Leo loves people, loves cuddling, balls and running. He enjoys walking and kissing with people. Staying in the box kills him, every day he is more sad and depressing. He wants his own man all for himself. Leo lived for a short time this spring with a labrador mix and a 12-year-old boy and he was great with them. He enjoyed walking with the boy; he was so gentle and polite. Ever since he came back from that dream (because of digging the garden), Leo’s little world collapsed. Like he lost hope. For Leo, we are looking for home without kids because Leo is a big, energetic boy so he could accidently push some kids while he is playing or jumping. His family has to be prepared for a long walks, lots of running and playing with balls with Leo. After the walk Leo is so happy and he cuddles like a baby. It would be ideal for his new home to have no other pets. Leo is one harmless baby in a stafford’s body but as soon as you know him, realize how much he is just beautiful.

Leo is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He is about 40 kilos and he is ready for forever home. Height: 53 cm. Thank you Vanna Mihaljević, Feđa Balić and Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Leo! 🙂