LINA ♀ – born 04/2018

Our little miss Lina has a whole life of loneliness behind her. She had to overcome a long way to get to our shelter, and when we first saw her, our hearts broke because of the sorrow the carried in her soul. She experienced many disappointments in her life and she is at the beggining of her journey of healing. Lina feels safe around other dogs and she is gently beggining to open up. After the initial resistance, she learned that a leash is a synomym for long walks and new adventures, and she even rewards us with a shy tail wag. We can’t wait for her to experience the best of this world, the world she doesn’t yet know. We are sure that Lina will be the most loyal friend, she just needs a family with enough patience. The perfect home for her is a peaceful one, if possible with another dog alongside of whom she’ll get confidence to learn everything she missed out on. She is just perfect with both cats and dogs.

Lina is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. She has 25 kg and is 45 cm tall.