LINO ♂ – born 05/2018

Based on Lino’s labby mix look, you would probably say he is full of energy, but he is actually the calmest dog in the shelter. Currently the sadest one. Like he lost hope that his people would ever come. When he comes out of his box, dear boy is staying only next to us. He is completely focused on people and loves to learn. Lino has one of the calmest energy we have ever seen. With all dogs, both males and females he agrees well. He regularly goes out for walks outside the shelter and our walkers have wonderful experiences with him. Lino does not react to anyone, he is so cool, so easy on the some wise 10-year-old dog. This smart and young boy urgently needs a family to put a smile on his beautiful face..

LINO is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Weight: ca 20 kg. Height: 55 cm. Thank you Gordana Ε½uΕΎiΔ‡ for sponsoring Lino! πŸ™‚