LITTLE GIRLS ♀ – born 07/2010

LITTLE GIRLS ♀ – born 07/2010

Our girl (Curica) is living in the shelter for now over 7 years. In this time she was always together with her sister, but now she is adoptet and she remained very sad and feels so lonely. Here in her cage she has to watch years and life going by. She has only one big longing for: to experience more life on the side of her own family, to go for walks, to cuddle, to feel safe on a sofa, by simple- to belong to somebody. She is an exceedingly gentle and kind dog, little shy, because she does not know much. But she has a very big heart, which she will give willingly for a present. She only waits for the right person. She is good on the leash and with other dogs.

Curica has been vaccinated, spayed and have a microchip. Thank you Stephan Seidl for sponsoring Curica! 🙂

Weight: 23 kg

Height: 50 cm.