LUNA♀ & LUKI ♂ – born 2015

LUNA♀ & LUKI ♂ – born 2015

Luki and Luna in last few months have turned into real cuddlers. When they come out of the box they stay close to us and ask for cuddling. They are no longer just in their own world, they are completely open to people and have huge desire to be close to them. Luki and Luna are so calm and stabile dogs. Walking on the leash is a true pleasure with them. They are relax in walk with our visitors which they never seen before. They never had problems with other dogs, they are tolerant even to young and hyperactive dogs. Luki and Luna are also perfect family dogs, extremely attached to people.

Brother and sister came to us after owners couldn’t longer took care about them, because of health problems. They lived together all of their lives and never been separated from each other. Luna is Luki’s shadow. She follows him everywhere and never goes far from him. Recently in their home they didn’t go out often, so now in the shelter they enjoy free running. Their connection is so strong, it looks like they doesn’t notice other dogs around them. When they meet other dogs, they always offer their friendship without any nervousness, and then continue to sniff and run around in their own world. In the box they just wait for someone to notice and cuddle them. Luki and Luna are very friendly and happy labrador mix. They have beautiful, shiny hair and a warm, gentle look in their eyes. We really wish to adopt them together because we think their separation would completely broke their hearts, especially to Luna.

Both Luki and Luna are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered. They have about 20 kilos. Luki’s height: 53 cm, Luna’s height: 46 cm. Thank you Nadia Višković for sponsoring Luki & Luna. 🙂


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