MASHINKO ♂ – born 02/2015

MASHINKO ♂ – born 02/2015


Mashinko, our furry wagging-tail-machine is a dog saved from kill shelter Utinja. He knows how to get attention. Maybe because of his messy cool look, maybe because of his sparkly energy. This young silly boy has no time to be calm, he is always in action, doesn’t know would he rather be jumping in our lap, run, kiss us, or ask for cuddling. Mashinko’s secret words are: love, running and playing. He adores female dogs and because of all bad experience with male dogs in Utinja, he still react defending himself with male dogs. But this behavior become better every day. He likes to surprise us every day with some new thing. Funny jumping or trying to be Snoopy Casanova. There is one thing that Mashinko hardly forgive – closing him in the box. He is so desperate in that moment, he always cry out laud and tear his paws on the fence trying to get out.
We are searching for people who will enjoy in brushing him and taking care of Mashinko fur. Who will enjoy in endless cuddling and kisses from him. Mashinko needs people who can handle his energy and he will make their every day beautiful.

Mashinko is vaccinated, microchipped and nautered. Weight: 23 kg.


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