MATILDA ♀ – born 2007

Matilda is a particularly sweet and fragile granny. Matilda and Joel spent last year living alone on one parcela, out in the open space, because their owner was severely ill. They were fed by neighbors. Matilda is currently very skinny but she is recovering very well. Two of them are closely connected and it would be ideal to adopt them together even there are little chances for it. That is why we will try to adopt them separately. We want to find them a warm home as soon as possible. No matter she is in old age, she is still full of life. She is gentle and curious. Like a lady with nice manners. Matilda is so easy to handle, she has peaceful energy and need only a few short walks and the rest of the day she will most likely sleep on a soft pillow. She spent her whole life with Joel and she is used to share home only with him. She has no patience for other dogs, and she is not good with the cats. That is why we search for a home where Matilda will be the only dog in the family or home where she can live with Joel.

Sweet granny is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She has about 19 kg. Thank you Ute Tippelt for sponsoring Matilda! 🙂