MILLIE ♀ – born 06/2019

If you want to experience all the grace and humility in one living creature, you must meet our Millie. This gentle little girl will get under your skin as soon as you see her sweet head pushing through the bars of the box, begging for a few seconds of human touch. Or when she holds your hand with her paws saying “please a little more”. There are dogs that run like a bullets when we let them out of the box. But not Millie. She parks in front of our table, looking at us, begging for just a little attention, enough to be notice that she’s there. She doesn’t have courage to seek for human attention with jumping or barking, but so modestly and quietly waiting sideways to be seen. Millie is able to wait for hours for you to see her, she won’t blame you for anything, like she thinks “I know I’m neither the most beautiful or nor the most desirable” dog in the shelter. The competition is big, but we assure you, she will be the most loyal friend and soul mate you can imagine. She adores other dogs, she is wonderful with people, and she is the softest in the world towards children. With Millie, everything is modest except her huge heart that is just waiting to be given to real people.

Millie is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 53 cm tall and weighs 20 kg.