OLIVER ♂ – born 07/2015

Oliver is a shy dog saved from the kill shelter in Utinja. Unfortunately, the young boy is a real example of what can shelter do to the gentle souls like him. Since he was a puppy, he lived in a crowded box with a lot of domaninate males. Constant fear for his own life, only a little food, freezing in the snow, being separated from the people and witnessing the many fights inside the pack left on the Oliver’s soul a bloody trace. When we pulled him out of the box we could not believe the raging bones under the messy hair. In our hands he was shaken with fear, so it was easy to guess that he had never been touched with love and tenderness.Today, Oliver is very happy with the full bowl of food, the bones are already covered, and with patience he has learned to walk on the leash, and now he is slowly showing the desire to give people a second chance. A quick tail wagging, eye-contact with people, and humble joy when we cuddle him, fills our souls with optimism because we know that he will soon become a miraculous grateful dog. Oliver finally begins to believe people.
He is very happy in company of female dogs, and he makes polite first contact with males, without being dominante. We believe that Oliver is a real little jewel, he only need people who can recognized that. Once he meets his forever home, he will enjoy in it with so much gratitude that you wouldn’t believe it.
It is incredible gratitude and love in dogs that have been saved in the true sense of the word – both physically and emotionally. They are really capable to live to make their people happy. They would do anything for them. Only special people have the opportunity to feel it.

Oliver just waits for his chance for happiness, and in the new home he will come vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He has 20 kilos.