OLLIE ♀ – born 06/2018

When you see her gently jumping on the fence, pushing her paws and nose through the bars, it will broke your heart. Beside huge love in her eyes, there is so much humbleness and desire that we cannot describe it to you in words. You have to see it. Ollie is able to stand on her two legs for hours, hugging your arms through her cage. And she does it so gently and patiently, like she is apologizing at the same time. Ollie is a beautiful and extremely lovable and gentle soul. Girly girl, from head to toe. Her only dream is to be someone’s most loyal friend. She gets along well with all dogs, she adores children and she is perfect on a leash.

Ollie is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She weighs about 20 kg and is 54 cm tall.