PUMBA ♂ – born 02/2018

We like to call him “Our little wild boar” and he is really one of the funniest dogs we’ve ever had chance to hang out with. You just can’t stay serious next to this little guy. Pumba is a dog that you can take everywhere. And you will remember that trip as the craziest fun ever. He runs on his short legs, races with his roommate and tries to catch up with her, throws himself on the back and enjoy cuddling. Or he cheerfully jumping around you, trying to get your attention and make you smile for a moment. You just have to fall in love with Pumba. He adores people in any version. With other dogs he is perfect. He can take the leash in his mouth and take himself for a walk, he is that funny. A dog you can only wish for, right? When you see the irresistible charm of his teeth, you have a friend you will never go unnoticed with. The little black boy is ready for his new home.

Pumba is microchipped, vaccinated and castrated. He is 30 cm tall and has 11 kg. Thank you Kristina Plasa for sponsoring Pumba! 🙂