REA ♀ – born 2015

Don’t think Rea’s face is smiling. She looks at us this way with anticipation because she asks for answers she cannot get. Rea is a wonderful, beautiful, wounded soul. She was brought to us because her owners cannot longer take care for her. Full of trust and love, she was left broken hearted in our shelter. Now she cries quietly throughout the day. If you want a calm and endlessly faithful dog, you won’t find a better one than our Rea. Rea will be your shadow. When she gets out of the box, she looks at us with her saddest look and wonders if this is her life now? She gets along well with all dogs, in fact she has no interest in dogs because she is so eager for humans. Our dear girl has some extra kilos because she hadn’t been moving much in her home lately.

She is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She is 50 cm tall and ideal weight would be 15 kg.